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Counting Down Christmas Means Opening a Blogspot

Okay, so I'm counting down hours before Christmas. I'm in the office but I am not so productive so it's totally okay. Ooops! To my managers, from first line up to the Geo DPL, let this be your gift to me. Heehee!

This is going to be my first blogspot post and I wanted to make it special, but wth, I totally have no idea what to write about! 

Opening a blogpsot account never crossed my mind since I'm not actually a blogger. And if I do become a blogger, what type of blogger should I consider myself?

There are 11 types of bloggers according to Blog Down. Let's see which of these types I will  fit into.

The Funny One. Other people find me funny, but I don't consider myself a funny man. I am not funny, I am mean. It's just that being mean with your friends is the new funny now. Hahaha! Alright, just disagree with me if you are not mean. Blah blah blah. Writing a funny blog is just NOT for me.

The Friendly Guy. Alright, this may be me. Rest assured that my friends' blogsites will be promoted for free, in which 'real friends' will return the favor of promoting mine as well. :)

The Angry Bunch. Hate posts, complains about traffic, government and everything that would ruin somebody else's day. Yes, I do complain, but most of the time, I find it not post-worthy. I know someone who fits this type perfectly , btw. :)

The Highly Opinionated. Hmmm. This could be me, too. I'll post what I want to post, whether or not it will be likeable. 

The Humble One. Ehem. Let me ask my friends about this. Haha! Kidding! As a blogger, I am humble, because as of today, I have nothing to brag about my being a blogger. Let's wait and see in the next few years. Ha!

Crazy for Money. This is absolutely not me. I don't even know how to earn a single peso just by blogging.

The Lazy Pig. As of now, yes I am a lazy pig. I'm not a regular blogger but I'd love to be one. Well, I have a corporate career and this would pro'lly explain why I am such a lazy pig. Oink!

The Social Media Bug. Yes, I am active with Facebook and Twitter to check my friends' status and photos, chat with those I catch online, but I don't think I know the art of marketing my posts.

The Conversationalist. Hahaha! I can be this one, too! Someone who loves to comment and turns the comment page into a chatbox. Anyhow, this is just a not-so-obvious way of sharing knowledge.

The Perfectionist. I'm not very knowledgeable in the 'editing world' so my posts usually come in its default view and layout. Grammar-wise, I may check my posts for a sec, but gawd, I'm not an English Doctorate not to have a single incorrect word. Let me hire an editor.

The Copy Cat. This is not me. I don't copy someone else's idea. I have my own mind to create new and fresh ideas. Chos! Kidding aside, this is just not right, right? Let's write on our own, it's one good way to unconsciously learn how to write. 

Out of the 11 types of bloggers, which will I fit in? Maaan, I don't even know what I am writing about now, so how the hell am I to know which one I am?

Well, everything's clear to me though. I am just so excited to go home for Christmas and spend quality time with my family and my favorite people - my bestfriend Juff Soquila, and my Tay Cj Vidal.

Now that I am running out of words to say (or type), I guess it's already time to end my first blogspot post. Just want to greet you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a FABULOUS NEW YEAR!

I'm leaving my keyboards in 3... 2... 1! 


  1. welcome to the blogging world!!!!this will probably be one of the best decisions you have done in years, to be a blogger!!!!I tell you, it's addictive, it's therapeutic, it's rewarding and it will open a lot of opportunities for you---basta ang secret---pace yourself. wag ka mapressure kung wala ka maisip ipost. it will come one by one and soon tuloy tuloy na. it is like learning how to walk, you do it one step at a time, last thing you know, you are running na.

    welcome to the blogosphere.ayan---si pusangkalye ang unang fan mo ha.D:

  2. Thanks, Pusangkalye!

    Yeah, I do hope I'd post more this year. :)


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