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Happy Mommy's Day

It seems like the day for everyone's most important woman was never an ordinary day in the Philippines. Last year, Mothers' Day was celebrated with a very important event in the Philippines - the National Election. This year, Mothers' Day was celebrated with another significant date for the Filipinos - Manny Pacquiao's victory.

Well, I, personally am not a naturally sweet person. I'm not as expressive as people think I am. I've never been the type who says "I love you" whenever we talk on the phone (we rarely even have phone conversations). I only told them "I love you" once, during a Youth for Christ event (which I think I was left with no choice since everyone was telling these words to their moms). I have never given my mom flowers or treated her to dinner or at least, gave her whatever on Mothers' Day. But, at least, I can say I'm a good son, and I love my mother.

This year,  I'm just thankful that I was able to spend dinner with them - Mom, Dad, Gaile, my uncle Robin and Auntie Leah. Not my treat, but at least, I was able to have dinner with them on this special day. Dinner with them in a place where they don't usually go to. For a change, it was their turn to visit me and my brother in the city. Too bad, my brother was too tired and too lazy to get up and join us for dinner.

So we had dinner at Jack's Loft Eastwood
Penne in Tomato Cream Sauce for me
Something for Mommy
Beef Tenderloin Stroganoff for Daddy
Sandwich for Gaile (and me)
Gaile and I's meal
Gaile enjoyed her Fishbowl Iced Tea
Okay, my sister needed help so I obliged. 
Daddy and Mommy

I actually don't get why we give so much importance to our moms during this day when in fact it should always be like this. Let's celebrate Mothers' Day everyday! :)


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