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Axe Anarchy Raid

It was definitely one of the hottest events that happened this year not just in Eastwood, but in the entire metro! Axe Fragrance was indeed too clever to think of something very unique to launch its newest product – Axe Anarchy.

Axe fragrance lets both men and women experience the “Axe effect” with its newest offering, a “his and hers” fragrance – Axe Anarchy. The common result, characterized by a magnetically strong appeal, was put to the ultimate test during its launch last June 9, 2012 in Eastwood Mall with an insanely hot “cops and robbers game” – the AXE ANARCHY RAID!

...and Rocco Nacino just arrived.

Rocco, after the briefing.

The Axe Anarchy Raid had 100 men and 100 women in police costumes that enforced sexiness on the grounds of Eastwood Mall. With their disarming physiques and arresting booties, the 100 sizzling hot policewomen were out to find their match from among the 100 men who acted as robbers in handcuffs

Karel Marquez, Lou Sison, Gwen Ruais and Niña Jose

Every hot cop was assigned with a unique barcode, and was tasked to find her code’s match from among the 100 robbers. Robbers had codes all over them, and they were given 30 seconds to stay in one spot for the girls to investigate or “explore” them. After every 30 seconds, the cops and robbers had to leave their spot and go back to their base, and wait for the next signal for them to go to another spot on the next “search” round. The first pair to match their codes win the game and instantly take home two million pesos!

The fearless Marc Nelson descends from the topmost floor of the mall.
Ramon Bautista and Marc Nelson makes a great duo.

The robbers and cops face-off.
Don't you wanna visit the police barracks?
The wardens

To add thrill and excitement to the game, there were also a number of sexy wardens and bogus robbers who joined the uproar! Their intention was to confuse the cops and robbers, to prevent the cops and robbers from finding their matches, and of course, to add flame and sexiness to the game. 

The cops and robbers

Fiercely hot females who unleashed uncontrollable attraction at the much-anticipated Axe Anarchy Raid were celebrities spearheaded by FHM 2011’s Sexiest Woman, Sam Pinto. Top celebrities and personalities who are equally lust-worthy, who also sported Axe Police Department badges were Sheena Halili, Bianca King, Sarah Lahbati, Kylie Padilla, Ellen Adarna, Iwa Moto, Ryza Cenon, Gwen Zamora, Stef Prescott, Chariz Solomon, Stephanie Henares, Vaness Del Moral, Divine Lee, Princess Snell, Diva Montelaba, Chloe McCulley, Lou Sison, Petra Mahalimuyak, Gwendolyne Ruais, Bangs Garcia, Niña Jose, Regine Angeles, Megan Young, Nadine Samonte, Karen Bordador, Andi Manzano, Jinri Park, Karel Marquez and Jacq Yu.

The league of robbers was also joined by celebrities and personalities including the Boys Night Out trio, Tony Toni, Slick Rick, and Sam YG, Gino Quillamor, Victor Basa, and fast-rising actor, Rocco Nacino.

The event started as early as 1:00 PM with funny man Ramon Bautista as the host. He added fun as the celebrity cops and robbers arrived and walked down the red carpet. The sexy wardens also did a warm-up exercise at the Eastwood Mall Open Park, while the cops and robbers were being briefed.

The program proper started with a blast at around 7:00 PM with hunk Marc Nelson descending from the topmost floor of the mall down to the open park. Marc Nelson joined Ramon Bautista as they hosted the rest of the night’s events. The cops and robbers finally faced off, briefed and were given the final reminders and finally went wild with the hottest game ever!! 

Tony Toni obviously enjoys being chased

Here's another friend who was one of the robbers that night, Franco Rivera.


Okay, here's another buddy, Rocco Nacino, being swamped by the hot cops.

It was such a sight to behold seeing the signature Axe trademark – hot chics chasing boys. It was one hell of a night seeing famous celebrities lose their poise as they ran around the park and look for their unique codes. Some even tripped down and ended up slightly bruised. It was certainly a night to remember not just for the crowd, but for the cops and robbers themselves. The game ended when the first pair found each other – this lucky pair happened to be Youtube sensation, Petra Mahalimuyak and blogger, Eric Losloso.

After the game, another group of hot girls wowed the crowd. Yes, sexy girl-group, Mocha Girls did a scorching hot performance as the cops and robbers simultaneously went for a media presscon and dinner at the Choi Palace Restaurant. Glad and lucky to be at the dinner, I took the chance to take photos of some of the sexy cops who participated in the game. I also got the chance to have a short chat with good pal, Sheena Halili, who excitedly shared her very tiring yet fun Axe-perience. 

Mocha Girls

The spotlight during the media presscon/dinner was focused of course on the lucky winners, Petra and Eric. They shared their raid experience and how they fought in the playing field, and how they reacted as they unexpectedly heard their names being declared as winners! They also shared what their plans are with the prizes they just won! They were too excited to be one-million peso richer that night!!

The winning cop, Petra Mahalimuyak

Petra and Eric were finally announced as this year's raid winners and the newest millionaires.

After the presscon, the winners were finally and officially announced on stage, and were awarded with their prizes! The runners-up, Diva Montelaba and her partner, who were just 15 seconds behind, also received a consolation prize of Php10,000 each. 

With FHM hotties (and DJs), Jinri Park and Karen Bordador
Startstruck alumni Sheena Halili, Steff Prescott and Nadine Samonte
Rocco Nacino and Sheena Halili (and me)
Supportive parents Linda and Ralph Nacino with Esther and Abdel Lahbati didn't miss the raid!

To wrap up the night’s hottest event, Up Dharma Down also gave a very energetic performance which made the crowd even crazier and silently reminded them what a wonderful night they had with Axe Anarchy!

Without a doubt, the Axe Anarchy Raid was one helluva scorching hot night to be remembered and looked forward to not just by the cops and robbers themselves, but also by the entire Axe Community who joined, participated and witnessed the country’s hottest event!!

For the next Axe Philippines event, check out or #AxeAnarchyManila on Twitter.

** Apologies for the low-quality photos, I wasn’t that prepared for the event, camera-wise. =)
** Credits to Mr. Ralph Nacino and Axe Philippines for sharing with me some of the photos he took during and after the event. 


  1. nice writing Jim, get a better camera though :p

    1. Thanks, Gabriela! Most of the chase photos were taken via iPhone. Hopefully I'd get myself a better camera soon. :)

  2. We really need to buy new camera. Argh..


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